ObiKit - Write Your Own Obituary
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WHEN do you need ObitKit?
NOW! We’re not getting any younger, so do it while your memory is still sharp, while you still have your wits, or most of them, about you.
  • ObitKit isn’t just for the elderly or infirm. Tackle it when you are feeling great about life and yourself – when you are healthy and productive. It will be more upbeat and easier to face.
  • That said, it can be a comforting and practical guide for someone who’s gotten the “get-your-affairs-in-order” directive and doesn’t know where to begin. A good friend could come in handy here, walking them through the process so it’s not so lonely.
ObitKit, Susan Soper: the gang on the hiking trail
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If you wait it could be too late…      I wish we had had the ObitKit the first day we learned my dad had cancer. My brothers and I could have slowly and lovingly written a thorough story with him as a family. It would have brought us even closer together during that heartbreaking time…     Claudia, Ashville, N.C.      I’d like my grandchildren to know about my parents and Al’s, but there’s nothing written down! An ObitKit for each would have organized the thoughts and messages.    Cairn, Miami