ObiKit - Write Your Own Obituary
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Here’s some of our favorite feedback from folks who’ve read & used ObitKit.
I received my book today
and could not put it down…
I found it to be helpful and inspirational. I have already written my obit but make changes to it all the time. It is so on track with your book!
— Wanda, Cincinnati
You are a masterful obit writer.
You must write mine - sooner rather than later so I can read it.
— Karen, Hilton Head
My mother has been obsessed with planning her own funeral even though at 88 she is holding her own. So of course I took her the ObitKit.
She LOVES it! She thinks it is the best book she has ever read.
— Cindy, Beaufort
This is not only practical
and necessary, but it is
FUN to read.
— Marcia, Los Angeles
My sister-in-law is a hospice nurse in San Diego and she will just love this. Thanks for inventing it!
— Cindy, Phoenix
I was so hooked from the first paragraph that I skipped my water aerobics class to finish my first run through it. Who would have thought it could be fun to think about your obituary?
— Wally, Atlanta
What a wonderful idea…
I instantly began thinking of ways that ObitKit would be perfect for not just my generation but the senior citizens I work with.
— Dee, Asheville
Nothing you suggested in ObitKit had ever occurred to me in my life to do… My sister and Daddy and I planned Mother's funeral the DAY SHE DIED… we had almost no food at the house afterwards, no one remembered booze or ice, and the ham was raw and I didn't know it until I opened the foil 30 minutes after Mother's ashes had been poured into the ground in 25 degree weather. I look forward to writing a good narrative and also to saving my daughter and grands a lot of heartache thereby… My ObitKit is going to list instructions for a cooked ham and plenty of potato salad, booze, and homemade cakes - no puny bag of Bi-Lo chocolate chip cookies.
— Susan, Charleston
We are going to complete the books as a FAMILY ACTIVITY.
Thank you for creating ObitKit. It’s been long overdo.
— Jennifer, Newark
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