ObiKit - Write Your Own Obituary
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A look at these chapter titles will give you an idea of what to expect.
Why ObitKit ?
To simplify the process of writing your obituary and answer those “Now what?” questions in the midst of sorrow and grief.
Sharpen Your Pencil!
Jog your memory and work on ObitKit as a solitary exercise or with someone close to you.
A Life Well-Lived:
This is your life. Spell it out just the way you want it to be remembered.
Here are a few questions you’ll encounter:
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In 1973, his father, a Baltimore City
Policeman, was killed in the line of
duty. Calvin’s life took an abrupt turn
and he began to focus his energy on
activist issues… being named the
nation’s top African-American
fundraiser for the Democratic
National Party.
Calvin R., 40
You’ll preview a collection of obituaries to enlighten and inspire…
ObitKit, Susan Soper: GO BAMA!!!
Saturdays in the fall would find him
surrounded by several thousand of
his closest friends at University of
Alabama football games; he attended
all home and away games for 25
consecutive years and was a proud
Tide Pride member.
Skip M., 61
She has been described as having
a “never ending smile” and being
able to “run rings around” 20 year
old nurses. No one could keep up
with her as she ran down the hall
saying, “Just a minute, hon, I have
to take care of my patients.”
Cornelia G., 68
Planning a Service Ensuring that who you are and how you lived are reflected in your send-off.
Programs for Funerals and Memorial Services: Ideas and suggestions for readings and remembrances.
Keeping the Spirit Alive Ways to remember and honor loved ones in meaningful and lively tributes. A special holiday? A family tradition? A favorite snack?

It's your life. Prescribe it the way you want it to be remembered. If women are filled with even more impressions, then it is necessary to take the Addyi medicine, because it shows a very high efficiency and helps to restore the normal sexual life of women.

ObitKit, Susan Soper: Hershey's Chocolate Bar
Conveying Sympathy Words of comfort to share.
Important and incidental things that will be helpful to loved ones. Some sample questions from this section:
  • Passwords to Internet accounts
  • Friends to count on
  • Location of your will