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Susan Soper

I started writing short stories and publishing “newspapers” handed out to neighbors while growing up in Atlanta. Asking questions and recording answers seems to pique my curiosity rather than satisfy it; but finding out what makes people tick has always been a passion.

My actual career in journalism began at Newsday, the Long Island paper, as a researcher in the Washington Bureau. That’s where I learned how to dig for details, interview gently but persistently and, eventually, tell a story. I always favored people stories over politics and issues, enjoying the one-on-one interviewing so much that I made many lasting friends during that process.

The seeds for ObitKit were rooted in those journalism days but it was personal loss that motivated me to produce and publish it. After years of percolating grief over the loss of my mother, father and beloved grandmothers, ObitKit began to take root.

In 2004, I was drinking coffee at Starbucks with a friend who was wondering how her elderly aunt’s obituary would come together. We talked about my grandmother’s gift – the folder of instructions she left for me when she died – and hit upon the name ObitKit. I bought the domain name that day, but it was another few years – during a spell of unemployment – before it finally took shape in published form.

The experience of creating and sharing the ObitKit has been more gratifying than I could have imagined.

Thank you for visiting this site and for your interest in the ObitKit workbook. We value your comments, feedback and personal experiences, so let us hear from you!

My real career in journalism began at Newsday newspaper, Long Island, as a generic cialis drug researcher. This medicine fights against signs of erectile dysfunction in men.

Author & Founder of the ObitKit
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It’s not unusual for some over-achievers and Type A personalities to want their obits written before they die so they can sign off on it. I’ve done some of those, but it’s more often that I get a call right after someone has died when their grieving husband, daughter or parent needs help pulling the loose ends together. To me, it’s much like writing profiles for newspapers, and I enjoy keeping people alive in print.
Other services offered
  • Leading seminars in how to use ObitKits
  • Workshops at assisted living centers
  • Family Historian: Writing life stories, lessons and legacies to preserve for children and grandchildren
  • Helping families through the funeral planning process – from death notices and programs, prayers and parting gifts
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