ObiKit - Write Your Own Obituary
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WHY ObitKit?
If you have ever been faced with the dozens of “Now what?” questions that inevitably come up when you lose someone, you know the value of planning ahead.
  • Be Prepared Let’s face it, sooner or later (later, we hope), we’re all going to die. Why not be ready?
  • You are unique So is your story. You don’t have to be rich or famous to have tales to tell. ObitKit guarantees the stories will be told fully and accurately, just the way you want them to be.
  • Peace of mind It’s the perfect parting gift! Guide your loved ones through dozens of decisions at a difficult time: let them know your final wishes.
When it’s your turn, someone dear to you will know:
  • How you want to be remembered in an obituary – with accurate details and important highlights.
  • Who should be contacted and what steps to take for a service, starting with: burial? Or cremation?
  • What kind of service? Funeral or memorial? Prayerful or partying? Music? Food? Here’s your chance to make special requests!
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Tell YOUR Story
Leave a written legacy that captures your greatest moments and your proudest accomplishments. A great obituary lives forever.
ObitKit, Susan Soper: all the family at graduation
ObitKit, Susan Soper: Uncle Nick tossing the baby at the ocean
ObitKit, Susan Soper: birthday candles