ObiKit - Write Your Own Obituary
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HOWdoes ObitKit work?
It’s a little like school – you read through the workbook, then you fill in the blanks. Kind of like a test but you know all the answers!
Don’t try to fill out the ObitKit in one sitting. Your answers will benefit from reflection if you give yourself some time to think back and relive. You could even interview old friends and siblings to get inspiration!
Here are a few ways ObitKit has been successfully used:
Grown Children have found that questions in ObitKit were good “ice breakers” to learn more with their parents.
Mother-Daughter Weekends with an ObitKit allow both women to exchange their experiences and philosophies.
High School or College Reunion Getaways provide outside insight and fleshed-out memories to include with your story.
Book Club members willing to share welcome feedback from others for a different perspective to their legacies.
My dad always told us that the two things you need most to get through life are courage and a sense of humor. I invite you to apply those here.
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CELEBRATE your life while documenting it!
celebrate your life
Gathering with a beloved family member, old friends or former classmates is a great way to work on the ObitKit. Make it fun and rich, just like your life!
Susan Soper - ObitKit - a night out